About Burnin Ethyl

Sometimes there is truth in advertising. Burnin' Ethyl is what you would think it would be: a rock and roll party for all your drinking, dining and dancing needs. A little roots, a lot of rockabilly, some country, a dash of Brit pubrock but 100% distilled rock and roll from the gut. Emphasis on the roll and on the dancefloor. Like a '67 Shelby Mustang or a '57 Gretsch Falcon, a classic never goes out of style.

The story starts as it often does in high school with two 17 year olds with guitars and big ideas. Trevor “57 Trevy” Rogers was into punk and Craig “Gory” Koshul was into Neil Young. They soaked up the Hamilton sound of the Florida Razors, Trouble Boys and the Shakers but Teenage Heads Let's Shake was the light on the road to Damascus. Old school rock and roll with the energy of punk. Simple, strong songs played loud and proud. It could be done. But how? And where to start?

The boys served their musical apprenticeship with the vets in such stalwart country and rock outfits as Tripwire and Shakedown and any fill in stage time to be had. They got the dirty looks and the beers but mostly they got the old time songs. While settling in on bass and twangy lead guitar they had to lift the old guys' repetoire. And they loved it. Elvis, Duane Eddy, Buddy, Eddie Cochran, Cash, Jones and Chuck Berry fit right in with Rockpile, the Stray Cats and the Clash on the playlist. And they started to write more songs of their own.

After years in the clubs and on the road Trev split for Alberta and Craig played the field. When Trev returned they met up at an audition for a Blondie cover band and started to hit the roots and rockabilly again with drummer Deryke Spriggs. It was time to get original. Stripped down, economical and to the point, Burnin' Ethyl was born. All that playing and all those songs were about to hit critical mass. 2007 saw the release of Rock and Roll Combustion with a lot of shows and 2010's Pop the Hood continued the straight ahead tradition of what they call rock and roll.

Deryke's departure left a rotating cast of drummers but they zeroed in on SG “Chuck Holliday” Sinnicks who had racked up credits with Ray Materick, Kim Deschamps and even Stompin' Tom Conners to round out the trio and carry on doing what they do best. Keeping the dancefloor full and the beer cooler empty with 100% rock and roll from the gut. Like a '57 strat, a classic never goes out of style.

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